Part of MACUL’s strategic vision is to support online learning in all of its many forms.  Viewed as a continuum from a traditional classroom enhanced with Web 2.0 tools to a fully online classroom.


“Online teaching spans a continuum from supplemental use of technology to enhance face-to-face learning, through a hybrid(blended) mix of face-to-face and online instruction, to fully online courses delivered to learners who may never meet in a classroom on campus. Teaching online ranges from supplementing traditional classroom teaching to fully distance courses where
students and instructors never meet face to face.” (Technology Enhanced Learning and Research, 2008)
MACUL supports a multifaceted approach to train staff to teach online, move curriculum online, and promote online learning options along the entire continuum.  To this end MACUL fully supports the Michigan Learns Online Portal developed by the Michigan REMC association.  This portal is a rich resource for all educators seeking to integrate online tools.  It includes access to online content, instructional tutorials, full online courses and much more.



Michigan Virtual School

The Michigan Virtual School® (MVS®) enables all schools to offer students equal access to diverse courses. It helps them provide a way for students to build technology skills and tools that will help them succeed. Through MVS, Michigan high school and middle school students can take a variety of courses and learn any place there is a computer and an Internet connection. Visit for more information.