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 Welcome to MACUL SIG MS!

Our MACUL 2014 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


ALL pre-cons offer SCECH credit...be sure to note this as you register for the conference!


No Instruction is Complete without E-Resources from the Michigan E-Library--Presenters: Suzanne Robinson, AMLS MeL Databases Training Coordinator, Sheryl Mase, Library of Michigan, Asst. Director and Barb Fardell, MDE Education Technology Consultant

The Michigan eLibrary (MeL) our state's digital library, provides preschool through secondary students with thorough, informative and vetted information that will enhance their education and prepare them for college or career. This workshop will show attendees how the many subscription resources and those found in Michigana and the Michigan Online Resources for Educators (MORE) can be incorporated into instruction. 


Getting Started with Digital Badges (BYOD)--Presenter: Angela Elkordy

Merit badges have gone digital! Digital badges contain information about who issued a learning challenge, who earned the badge, and the evidence of learning that was requiredto earn it. Badges help bridge the gap between formal and informal learning. Participants in this workshop will learn how to make digitla badges and how to use them in instruction and assessment.


Triple E Framework of Technology Integration (BYOD)--Presenter: Liz Kolb

With thousands of apps and websites available to educators, it is daunting for teachers to locate the ones that will work best for their classroom. Learn about the ways to narrow the search using the protocol from the Triple E Framework (Engage, Enhance, and Extend Learning). Please bring some curriculum where you would like to integrate technology for the workshop.  


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