Special Interest Groups
Jeff Trudell
Wyandotte Public Schools
SIG TC Director
(734) 759-5060  
Kevin Galbraith
Wayne-Westland Community Schools
SIG TC Asst. Director
Tom McCurdy
Pinckney Community Schools
SIG TC Communications Officer


SIGTC is the MACUL Special Interest Group for all educators in technology leadership roles.  This includes district, school and classroom Curriculum & Technology Leaders. All educators concerned with the effective use of technology are invited to participate. SIGTC has addressed a variety of issues over the years. It has focused on technology-based professional development, integrating technology into the curriculum, technology planning and budgeting, trends in developing technologies and technology leadership certification.


MACUL 2014 Conference PreConference Sessions:

More to come soon!

  • SIGTC 1: Administrative Software Applications (Half Day) - MSBO
  • SIGTC 2: Budgetting for Technology (Half Day) - MSBO
  • SIGTC 3: Google Chromebook (Half Day)
  • SIGTC 4: Chromebook Deployment (Half Day)
  • SIGTC 5: Augmented Reality (Half Day)
  • SIGTC 6: Managing your Personal Identity (Half Day)